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home . graphic & web design . pottery & ceramics . fine art & paintings . fine beaded jewellery . artists profile . creative trends . contact me

home . graphic and web design . pottery and ceramics . fine art and paintings . fine beaded jewellery . artists profile . creative trends . contact me


The Bahati Rose collections of fine beaded jewellery are hand crafted to exquisite perfection in sophisticated and stylish design using artisan ceramic beads, distinctive gemstone beads, swarovski crystal, oyster shell pearl, 100% cotton flowers and sterling silver.  We support ‘Fashion with a Conscience’ and a portion of profits go to the East African Nursing Community and Dog Rescue ……

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profile profile

Meet Karen Pepper - Artist, Potter, Designer, Jeweller and Animal Rights Activist!  Born and raised in South Africa, Karen has spent the past 30 years working as a professional Artist and Designer. Now settled in the UK, she continues to enjoy the success and status earned to date. Karen offers only original and bespoke services in Art and Design and she prides herself on her unique creativity, focused attention to detail ……

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creativetrends creativetrends

Like most movements in art and design, advancements in materials, tools and techniques go some way in defining the look of new movements, so 2014 was the year in which artwork created in the digital realm really came to the fore as an aesthetic statement in itself. Get ahead of the crowd as Karen Pepper keeps you updated on looking back on last year’s most prominent visual aesthetics and the predictions ……

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Karen Pepper believes that it is always better to talk in person.  Whether you need a print or digital design project done, a new website, a unique and original pottery or ceramic piece or a painted work of art for your home or office - contact me via email, send an enquiry below or call me - and lets chat about your personal or professional creative needs ……

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graphicwebdesign graphicwebdesign

Karen Pepper is a freelance graphic and web designer who offers a bespoke and original creative service in both digital and print. Whether you are looking for a simple logo design, a detailed corporate print brochure, an electronic email banner, social media graphics, more complex branding and display material or a new bespoke website - Karen Pepper can confidently and professionally deliver all your ……

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potteryceramics potteryceramics

Original handcrafted Pottery and Ceramics - Karen's focus is on contemporary abstract fusions of African and European influences. Rich and earthy, lyrical and dreamy, intellectual and intense, her work shows a discernable theme, but no two pieces are the same. Karen strives to combine a sophisticated colour sense with rhythmic, joyful and intricate decorative detail. The result is a richness of colour and depth of ……

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originalartcrafts originalartcrafts

Original artworks and paintings in mixed medium. Karen's work emerges expressively and intuitively from the automatism of her subconscious mind, and is characterised by a balance between spontaneous gesture, continual control and decorative detail. "I view my art as a physical and spiritual experience that satisfies my great need for aesthetic and intellectual intensity. I am passionate about colour, texture, and movement ……

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